Hi, We are Beauteers.

Beauteers is a New York City based company that specializes in K-Beauty skincare & cosmetic products, focusing on high performance products that are not widely available in the United States. Originally established in October 2003 as an importer and distributor of FDA related products in North & South America, we have since been reorganized and renamed to Beauteers. Now, we run an e-commerce site called Cupidrop, where we make shopping for K-Beauty easy and fun.
“Let's keep up the momentum and work together to drive success through strong relationships and innovative marketing strategies.”
Martin Kim,
CEO Founder Beauteers

Creating Beauty Bonds.

We are striving to promote the excellence of Korean brands through our own expertise, both online and offline. This includes everything from high-occupancy online stores to events where we can directly communicate with customers.
To get a more comprehensive introduction to our company, download our company profile in PDF format, available in both English and Korean.

Our Partners