Centuries-old Beauty Secret


The story of the brand
107 is a skincare brand deeply committed to addressing skin issues from a holistic perspective. The brand draws inspiration from the personal struggles of its Co-Founder and CEO, Chloe Kwak, who has faced a lifelong battle with eczema and hyper-sensitive skin. Understanding the emotional toll that skin problems can have on self-esteem and overall well-being, 107 empathizes with its customers' experiences. Chloe's journey, which involved trying numerous remedies, obtaining certification as an aesthetician, and experimenting with natural solutions, has fueled the brand's dedication to finding effective and natural ways to achieve healthy, radiant skin.
At the core of 107's philosophy is the belief in inner wellness for outer radiance, recognizing the profound connection between what one consumes and their skin's health. To this end, the brand's skincare products feature proprietary fermented ingredients, drawing inspiration from ancient Asian traditions. Scientifically proven to benefit both the gut and the skin, these natural elements help nurture a balanced skin microbiome. By adopting this holistic approach, 107 is unwavering in its commitment to promoting vibrant and healthy skin, empowering individuals to embrace their best selves.
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