THE SAEM Beauty, in its pursuit of excellence, presents a remarkable range of highly innovative and eco-friendly products, meticulously crafted with premium-grade, natural, plant-based extracts.

The Saem

The story of the brand
Since its launch in 2010 in Korea, THE SAEM Beauty brand has experienced rapid growth, expanding its presence to encompass a vast network of more than 500 THE SAEM beauty stores spread across Asia. In recent times, select THE SAEM Beauty products have made their way into the U.S. market, where they are steadily gaining popularity, with numerous American beauty consumers and influencers forming a genuine "cult following" for the brand.
Renowned for its highly innovative and eco-friendly product line, THE SAEM Beauty takes pride in utilizing premium-grade, natural, and plant-based extracts. Their products are thoughtfully presented in beautiful and recyclable packaging, all offered at affordable price points. With a focus on "GLOBAL ECO" and "clean beauty," their offerings perfectly align with the demands of the modern age.
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